Saturday, 26 May 2012

Spirit vs. Letter

Last year was the first time I watched an Alliance Tournament.  I picked the loser in almost every match I tried to guess but I have to admit the competition really sparked my interest in small group warfare.  Not that Eve ever really has combat on such a scale, but it's nice to theorycraft.  I also liked how the smallest details meant success or failure.  Sadly the final battle was a complete letdown, but the rest of the tournament was superb.

This year the Alliance Tournament is already off to a rocky start and the first match has not even happened yet.   The two teams that won last year have been banned for practicing together, against each other, and in the same corp on the test server.   The rules this year were changed to prevent one alliance from entering two teams but Hydra and Outbreak were clearly two alliances working as one team.

Breaking the spirit of the rules if not the letter of the law.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What's in your hangar

So once again I'm following Jester's lead.  This time I'm posting what's in my hangar.  Well, not just my hangar but the hangars of my two alts as well.  Since I fly pretty much all three at once and they are fairly interchangeable on most ships it seems to make sense.  I'm not adding the names because I don't use unique titles.  Instead I use modern day navy designations.  So my battleships are all BB-hull number- name.  Kinda plain but helps me keep track when I start moving stuff around.

5x Badger Mark II -  Mainly used for PI hauling and misc movement
3x Basilisk- All three pilots are Logi 5 and I use these for incursions mainly
3x Blackbird- Armor/shield versions, primary ship when not flying logi for pvp
4x Buzzard- Each toon has at least one scout
6x Caracal- I love the idea of this ship, but rarely fly them, first pvp kill though
3x Celestis- Experiment that never panned out
Charon- the first ship I knew had to have, useful for moving systems, rarely flown
2x Cormorant- haven't tried them out since the buff
Covetor- why not
Crane- for sneaking through low
2x Crow- rarely flown
Dominix- built for BS RR op, flown once
4x Drake- mission and exploration mainly
Falcon- rarely used as I prefer BB for pvp
3x Ferox- another ship I love the idea of, haven't tried it since hybrid buff
Gila- missions
3x Hawk- use them for running around solo, pvp fit
Hulk- cause sometimes you just feel like mining
2x Hurricane- one mission fit, one not fit
Machariel- mission fit
Mackinaw- ice, ice baby
Maelstrom- mission fit
3x Mammoth- cause sometimes a badger just won't do
Manticore- got it before I realized I have better options for scouting
Moa- No clue why I have this
Myrmidon- got it for mission dps, rarely flown
Orca- most versatile ship ever, love it
3x Osprey- RR fit for cheap support
2x Rattlesnake- mission fit
Raven- mission fit, rarely flown
3x Rupture- experiment, rarely flown
Scimitar- PVP fit, I need to get a few more, love this ship
2x Tengu- mission fit
Vexor- experiment
Worm- cause it's just plain fun to have that many drones in a lvl 1 mission