Cast of Characters

  Primary combat pilot.  This is my original character and his main role is to conduct combat operations.  I started off as a mission runner and have since transitioned into incursions and PVP roams.  In PVE this is my tank pilot with high shield skills and good missile skills.  In PVP he flies ECM, small tackle, and support ships. 

  My second character that was started as a miner to help support Ruar's combat activities.  Trained for Hulk originally he has since branched into drone boats, logistics, and salvaging.  I don't have a specific role for this character, he shifts training to fit current needs.  Currently his main purpose is logistics for incursions flying a Basilisk.  I've rarely used him in PVP however that will change over the next few months as I train him for long tackle.  He also has the capability to fly armor logi although I don't fly in armor fleets very often.

Ruar Hauler-
  My third character that was created to haul the ore that Too was mining out.  When I transitioned to focus on missions I changed him to my DPS ship.  Trained for Minmatar ships and projectile weapons he is the primary source of damage when I run missions.  He is also my main PVP character due to his ability to fly a scimitar and basilisk.  Additionally he is capable of flying freighters and transport ships for specialty missions.