Sunday, 2 March 2014

Not as Fin as I was

  I couldn't help myself.  I'm back in the space lanes flying around.  The Corp I was in is no more but I think I like this better.  No concern about war decs or low sec PVP.  Just logging on and doing what I feel like without having to worry about devoting resources to an endeavor I don't truly support. 

  Today was a little interesting, had a discussion about PVE, PVP and how the devs could cater to both styles more than they currently do.

  I have distilled my hopes for PVE into two changes I'd like to see happen although I doubt they will happen.  The first is make a flag so a person can agree to PVP in hisec or not.  This won't change anything to people who prefer the risk, but for those who just want to relax and do some spaceship flying it will mean a lot.  This will never happen in the game, but I can only imagine how many gamers would play Eve if this was an option.  The second change is make another level of difficulty into missions so that they require 2-3 ships at minimum.  Some missions already have this type of requirement, but they are sometimes few and far between.  What I'd like to have is the ability to only choose this type of mission to provide more difficulty when I'm in the mood and push me to get better at playing the game outside of PVP.  Currently incursions are the only other option and they just require too much time to run consistently.

  I know this is a short post, but I wanted to get it onto the blog.

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  1. RvB, faction warfare, the duel popup. Those are your options currently.

    i'd prefer it if the popup was opt-in only by settings change. i'd prefer it if the duel mechanic was used to replace the aging corp fratricide mechanics.

    having said that, i used to play JumpGate™ which had coded in an "honor guard" flag you could set rather easily which had the same effect as joining a militia in eve.
    It did absolutely no good in affecting any change in subsciption numbers as the proportion of killers to other bartle types rose inevitably until the critical threshold was reached and the game died.