Saturday, 30 July 2011

Strangers in the night (AAR)

Tonight I went on another roam with Mistersparky from the Estrale Frontiers corporation and once again he did not disappoint.  Recently I missed a roam that saw the death of two carriers so tonight I requested more carrier action and Mistersparky happily obliged. 

The evening started off with a few hours of jumping and no one that wanted to fight.  I'd like to think that the pirates are scared and hiding, but it could just be an off night.  Eventually our scouts found some targets in the Onatoh system and we shuffled our forces around to encourage a fight.  Just as we were ready to get things started our scouts reported a POS that was almost out of reinforcement which just happened to belong to the targets in system.  This thickened the plot faster than a Danielle Steele novel and we promptly moved the bulk of our forces to a neighboring system.

The move paid off as a T2/T3 fleet with half a dozen logi's in tow showed up at the gate we were just orbiting.  The opposing fleet was sized up and it was assessed to severely overpower our forces.  However since the POS was a factor we stuck around and let our scouts see what they could find.  Lo and behold another fleet was assembling on a different gate.  Com's were established and we were invited to tag along and add to the carnage.

Our plan was to get into a fight and hopefully have some fun culling people from the blob.  Fleets were adjusted, voice com's were changed, new FC gave new orders, havoc was cried and the dogs set loose.

We jumped into the T2/T3 fleet and began to kill them quickly.  Capitals were brought in and things were going great until another cyno lit off and PL dropped a few dozen supercarriers and carriers into the mix.  We warped off, GF's were sent in local and the new FC had us all dock.  Apparently the fight wasn't over and the plot was thickened from a hearty stew consistency into something resembling brick laying mortar.

The POS was still a ripe target and we still had a significant number of forces on hand.  Once the carriers left the system our FC had us head towards the POS.  We engaged the defenders until they brought another round of caps onto the grid.  Our FC was waiting for this and called in his own group of supporting supers and caps.  The plot mortar hardened at this point and was too thick to follow.

The help was red to our original fleet and a good chunk of the new fleet as well.  The FC was desperately trying to keep people on the correct target and the help was hindering the process by shooting our forces as well.  No one panicked though and eventually the POS defenders were whittled down and our fleet left the area to allow the caps to mop up without worry of hitting the wrong folks.  We settled back into the station and waited for the helpful caps to leave the system.

Soon enough scouts were letting us know the POS grid was clear and we warped back into the fray.  Some enemy ships were still present but they stayed inside the shield for awhile before jumping out.  A few subcaps showed up but were killed or warped off as well.  The POS eventually dropped, champagne flowed, fireworks were displayed, kill board links were flung across the channels and GF's were broadcast one last time.

All in all we spent about 6 hours roaming and fighting, lost a handful of ships and killed a few carriers, a bunch of command ships, and a few other ships.  This was my third fight with capital ships and the first cap fight that I was on the winning side of (well, the super cap pilots are the only true winners once they hit the grid).  I had a lot of fun and gained a bit more insight into what the future holds.

Kill board link

You won't see my name on any of the kills as I was once again flying my trusty scimitar and learning the fine art of support.  I'll save that discussion for another post though.

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