Thursday, 13 October 2011

Hawking My Wares (AAR)

Task: Practice and learn tackling procedures while solo

Conditions: Given a disruptor fit Hawk in the Auner system

Standards: Don't lose my pod

I wanted to hang out in space tonight so I hopped in my Hawk and headed out to Auner again.  I got on the Resbroko gate and waited to see what came through.  Soon enough a red (no GCC) Wolf landed on top of me and I locked him up. 

 The engagement was on as the enemy locked me up and I waited for him to shoot before engaging in case he wanted to jump through the gate.  He tried to scram but I failed to see the warning and I didn't realize the red box meant he was agro (I know, I'm noob).  He then warped off.  After he warped it dawned on me that I could have pointed and engaged him.  As an added bonus the gate guns were all over him so the kill was nearly garunteed.

  Continuing my orbit the Wolf soon returned approx 230km away.  He warped back towards the system center.  A few minutes later he came back to the same spot then warped off towards a station.  I decided to see if I could surprise him next time and flew out to make a few bookmarks.  I got back on the gate and watched as the Wolf would appear and disappear on Dscan.  A couple of yellow ships landed on gate near me and I warped to an overwatch.  I waited a few minutes there and then warped to the BM I made for the Wolf.

  A few minutes later the Wolf flashed in and I charged at him.  I locked and pointed and proceeded to orbit at 15km.  I was applying damage while he seemed to be close range fit.  My range keeping abilities are poor and I lost point at least once and over compensated and started to take damage when I tried to close the gap.  Fortunately he didn't/wasn't able to land his scram and I pulled back to range.  I started to get him into armor and then my connection starting acting up.  I lagged without realzing it and finally I was disconnected.

  One thing that should be mentioned is near the start of the fight a corp mate invited me to fleet to offer support.  When I lost point the first time I requested assistance as a pirate kill is more important to me then a solo kill.  By the time I lagged out I was still the only person on the field but I found out later my help warped in and got point about the time I departed the area.  The help finished off the Wolf and the pirate died.

  Knowing when the enemy engages me and holding them on the gate when the guns are helping me
  Manual piloting to hold range and not rely on orbitting
  Adjust fit to maximize dps now that the build seems to be viable in combat

  Setting BM's and ambushing the enemy at their observation points
  Paying attention to heat and turning overload on/off based on situation
  Working with allies to coordinate attacks

Additional Action:  Following the activity in Auner system I was scout for a small reaction fleet.  I tried manually piloting against targets and made some more mistakes by running into the station and letting one target get too far away while I was using orbit.  I corrected and manually flew at angles to keep the enemy in range while maintaining transversal.  So at least I seem to be getting a slightly better understanding of how to fly something other than support.

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