Friday, 2 March 2012

Investing in the future

CSM elections are happening soon and one of the problems I have with the process is the skewed voting from nulsec blocks.  The problem as I see it is the lack of true interest diversity because of the differences in how nulsec and high sec operate.  This post however is not about the voting process for the CSM but rather an attempt at expanding on the high sec point of view in regards to nulsec.

Nulsec is a scary place for someone who's never spent time there.  Traveling through nul isn't that big of a challenge most of the time, but living there is a different story. 

Nulsec could be compared to the stock market.  There is money to be made for people that know what they are doing.  Large brokerages control huge portions of the market and if you want to invest you have to be willing to pay a hefty brokerage fee.  If the brokerage has problems then you will probably end up losing money in the end.  You could strike out on your own or with a small group of trusted friends but building up sufficient capital can take a long time.  Once the brokerages see where you are putting your investments they can swoop in with their bigger pockets and force you away from your goal.  In the end you are better off just making small investments with the local bank or maybe even taking a risk with a 401k.

The problem with nul is the inability of small groups to get a foothold on their own.  Large power blocks demand rent or death and sometimes even with rent problems occur.  Fundamental changes need to happen to allow nulsec to become inhabited in a meaningful manner.

One of the first changes I envision is a way to limit access to systems.  An alliance should have the ability to adjust the level of risk they are willing to take at the cost of reduced rewards.  There would be different levels of improvements that would adjust the forces permitted.  The first level would deal with the number of subcaps allowed through a jumpgate.  Next would be the option to allow capitals.  Finally there would be supercaps.  The considerations that have to be made would deal with infrastructure permitted.  If no capitals then no Rorqual.  If no supercaps then no jumpbridge.  Or something along those lines.  The intent is to allow alliances to grow at their own rate and still participate in nul PVP without the fear of being completely overwhelmed.

Next I would redistribute the types of moons to create a balanced sepread.  Moon mining should be an additional asset in nul and not a driving force.  The main reason to be in nul is for the fights and everyone should have access to the resources to fuel the fights.

I think the above changes would require the map to be adjusted.  NPC systems would need to be scattered to create unblockable pathways.  Systems and constellations would need to be placed to allow better defensive lines for smaller groups.  The picture I have is of home areas allowing construction, diverse activities and then fighting systems where people patrol and have battles.  The fight areas would make server reinforcement simpler as well as making action faster to get too.

I'm sure more adjustments would need to be made but I think shifting the mentality of the role of nulsec would greatly increase the appeal of the game.  Currently the end game of Eve is stagnant and a lot of the problem is due to the extreme lack of appeal for the average pilot.

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