Sunday, 14 August 2011

Fight week (AAR)

  I've had a fun week in game although I've failed to post about it so far.  Allow me to remedy that situation.

Fight 1

Earlier in the week I went on a Nano BC roam.  Once again I flew my rusty scimitar (although to be fair the scimitar is a rather beautiful ship) into battle and we ended the night with an impressive fight. 
The evening started off mostly the same although the FC did add a new wrinkle.  I was selected to travel with an advance force on a few occasions when we thought we might find a small gang to engage.  The change of pace was nice and was definitely appreciated.  We engaged a few targets here and there but we had a hard time finding the big fight we were wanting.

  The lack of a fight changed on the route home.  A pirate group finally engaged us and brought three carriers and a mix of subcaps to the field.  They were at a station and we warped in at our optimal to engage.  We killed some of them, they killed a few of us but in the end the carriers got their reps going (I think two had to go into triage to stay alive) and we decided that a 10-15minute fight was good enough.

  The highpoint for me doing the fight was getting reps on a Myrm that was into structure and watching his shields go to full.  I know I wasn't the only logi on that guy, but it was still awesome to stop what looked to be a guaranteed kill.  I also stay focused on a friendly curse who was on the edge of the field applying neuts and attracting attention.  This fight has been the most logi intensive fight I've been in and I was proud to provide support to my fleet.

  There were mistakes made though.  I was trying to use broadcast to assist the fleet but it backfired in two ways.  I was broadcasting targets a little bit out of synch with the FC so there was probably some premature fire put on the target.  Blame should fall on the DPS as well though because they are at fault for shooting early while I'm at fault for trying to do the FC's job.  The other problem the broadcasting created was I got behind on requests for reps.  A few people took more damage than needed or perhaps even lost ships because I was splitting my attention.  Next time I focus purely on what the logi is supposed to be doing.  Basically I'm going to stay in my lane.

Fight 2 

  The second fight this week was an ad-hoc roam put together to try and engage a couple of gate camps in the nearby area.  I didn't have my logistics pilots nearby so I hopped into a BlackBird (BB) for some ECM work.  By the time we got the fleet going most of the gate camps had moved and we where hard pressed to find any targets.  We were enroute to a fleet when one of our latecomers got jumped and lost his ship by the very same fleet we were trying to engage.  Finally we made it into the system and warped in at our individual optimal ranges.

  I had the BB about 60km away from the enemy which still gave me another 30km of optimal to work with.  Our tackle said he was getting intermittent jamming, probably from ECM drones.  The enemy had a harbinger, drake, 2x hurricanes, and a rifter.  I got jams on the harbi and both hurricanes, but missed my attempt on the drake.  Once our full fleet was on the field the enemy quickly departed leaving the lone drake behind.  Apparently when the call to spread points was given all of the points landed on the drake.  I'm not sure if this was because of range issues or just random luck.  However the drake was going nowhere and he died without putting significant damage on anyone.

  We headed back to highsec for a break and another gate camp was spotted.  The FC asked for a scout so I reshipped into a Falcon and hit the various gates looking for a target.  The enemy T3 gang went into hiding though so we were unable to add a few more kills to the night.  Overall the second roam was enjoyable but I did miss flying a logi.

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