Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sit, Stay... Good logi (AAR)

  Another roam in my scimitar and while I had fun again I'll admit that switching to a logistical ship mind set can be a bit tough sometimes.  I'm not that interested in being in a DPS boat and turning the enemy's ship into a modern art sculpture.  I much prefer scouting, moving around cloaked to setup a fleet warp to have proper range, utilize EW mods to tactically shape the battlefield, or apply reps when needed.  Basically I enjoy being a combat multiplier instead of a line dog.

  The problem is that unless the fleet gets into some pretty thick combat a logi is pretty much sitting on the sidelines cheering on the team.  I'll admit that the dps guys and the rest of the fleet were chomping at the bit to get into some combat, but almost everyone got to shoot some ammunition tonite at a hostile target.  The one guy that needed reps warped out by the time we could get a lock.  I'd call him coward but he was into structure so I don't blame him for saving the ship.

  All in all I'm still going to keep flying logi.  I finally got a scimi fit I'm fairly comfortable with tonite and the next couple of skills trained will increase lockable targets and improve prop mod use.  Once leadership skills get complete on my main I have to figure out my next goal.  I could wrap up recon 5 and work on expanding my EW capability for pvp, work skills to enhance mission running, train the basics of gunnery/armor skills, crosstrain into gallente/minmatar, or take the first steps toward cap ships.

  I guess that's one of the things I enjoy about Eve, if you ever get tired of one role there are 10 other things you can do that keep the game feeling fresh and exciting.  While I'm figuring all that out though I'll keep flying logi in fleets, patiently waiting for those rare fights where my reps make or break the fight.  To paraphrase the new slogan; Eve is real, and one day I'll be there.

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