Friday, 1 June 2012

Jumping Through Hoops

 One more post about the upcoming Alliance Tournament.  I thought I was finished with this subject but a response by a Dev deserves comment.  The first quote verifies the rules were intentionally written to cause confusion among the player base.  The second quote invalidates the reason behind banning Hydra and Outbreak as being because of working together on Sisi.  I'd quote the exact text explaining the bans, but the posts have been pulled down. 
"This rule is vague because it has to be. We have had 9 tournaments without this rule and for good reason, but the events of last year have forced us to react by including new rules such as the one above. Tournament staff and referees will act based on the information available and with the tournament both as an event for the players on the field and those watching on the stream on their minds.

Teams and players should hold the tournament in high regard and take the event seriously, if you have to ask yourself "would they stop the fight if we did this" then you should not do it. ""

"Sorry missed the bit about the test server, you can change corps and alliances as you like on Sisi. But based on actions taken by us so far I would be very wary if you intend to join someone else's alliance for "practice & logistics" reasons. Again, if your not sure about it, don't risk it."

Edit*  To top it all off a thread I started explaining my disappointment was mocked by CCP Soundwave.  It might be time to find a new game if that is their idea of professionalism.

  At this point I think the truth is that Hydra and Outbreak were never going to be allowed to participate in this years Alliance Tournament.  The two alliances were banned because they were in the same corp on test but we are now told that it's not against the AT rules to combine on test.  Hydra and Outbreak said they sent multiple emails and petitions to determine if their practice of testing against each other on Sisi was against the rules and eventually they received a reply saying it was ok, but in the end the AT Dev's banned the two groups anyway.

  I fully realize CCP doesn't have to host the tournament, that CCP can do what it wants, and their actions are well within the bounds of trying to make sure the AT is fun to watch.  The problem I have is the obfuscated method CCP employed to justify banning Hydra and Outbreak.  Rules were created to be intentionally vague, requests for clarification were ignored (1), and the reason given for the ban's has now been said to be a valid tactic if you are willing to take the risk.

  CCP should HTFU and simply say "As punishment for the debacle that was AT IX's final match both Hydra and Outbreak are not allowed to participate in AT X.  All teams should take heed and ensure they fight to win every match."

  Instead CCP has tainted the entire tournament by taking revenge while attempting to justify their actions as something else.  Just admit you are still mad, take action, and move on.

 As much as I enjoyed last year's tournament I won't be watching this year's.  The only item of interest remaining for me is what the ship reward will be as there is some concern of Caldari combat cruisers with bonus to ECM.


1.  RVB received communication from CCP's AT team regarding their participation in a rapid and timely manner.  So the avenue's of communication were open to some but not others.

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