Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ship changes- Cruisers

EVE, she is a changing.  The next year should see some dramatic adjustments to ships and the concept of tiers.  With that in mind I figured why not take some time to list what I'd like to see happen once the balancing hits cruisers, BC's and BS's.  I'm starting off with Tech 1 cruisers and I'll work my way up from there.  Also, I'm not discussing Amarr ships as I won't fly anything Amarr so I don't feel qualified to accurately assess them.

Cruisers-  The work horse of any Navy.  These ships are cheap enough to use in a variety of ways but versatile enough to fill a multitude of roles.

Osprey-  Shield logistics cruiser but the fitting is so tight it's difficult to really use this ship in combat.  So many compromises have to be made for logistics use so let's fix that problem.  First get rid of the mining bonus, not needed with the changes to barges and exhumers.  Instead how about a role bonus of -40% CPU for shield transfer modules.  Combined with the already existing 10% reduction to capacitor use and 500% to transfer range we now have a great tech 1 logistics ship while still not stepping on the Basilisk's toes.  Finally add one more low slot to bring the total mids/lows up to 8 like the higher tier cruisers. 
Caracal- This is the lone missile boat in the caldari cruiser line up.  Even worse the bonus to missile velocity makes this a sniper missile boat.  Ew.  Remove kinetic boost and add a RoF boost ala drake changes.  Change the velocity boost to a damage boost.  Add a low slot (bringing up to 8 total mid/low) and boost CPU up to 450.  The Caracal is still not a brawling ship, but it is a multi-role tech 1 missile boat, something Caldari desperately needs to make a smooth transition from frigs to BC's.

Blackbird-  I honestly can't see any changes to be made here, the BB is just about perfect for it's EW role.

Moa-  This is supposed to be the Caldari brawler but it fails miserably.  The biggest weakness of the Moa are it's mid slots.  Currently it only has four and this is just not enough for a ship that's supposed to close to short range.  Move one low up to the middle retaining the 8 slot layout but making more sense for a shield ship.  The bonus needs changing as well from hybrid optimal range and make it a 5% bonus to hybrid damage instead.  A brawler is all about tank and gank and range is not needed when you are trying to close in tight anyway.

Vexor- The first true drone boat and a fun ship to fly.  The biggest problem is the limited drone bay size.  Change the hybrid bonus into a 20% bonus to drone bay size per level allowing much better drone options.  Add one more mid slot to allow more options for drone boosting.  The Vexor will have less damage from it's turrets but the added utility from having additional drone options will let this ship by a multi-role platform.

Celestis- The only change I'd make here is to change the damage bonus to a range increase on damps.  As an EW platform the ship should be focused on filling it's role, not adding damage.

Exquoror- First, add another low slot to bring the total to 8 mids/lows.  Next dump the cargo capacity boost and instead give the same -40% CPU to transfer (armor) module the Osprey gets.  Now you have a dedicated logistics platform that doesn't impinge on the viability of tech 2 logi's.

Thorax- The Gallente brawler and it's almost exactly what it needs to be but the MWD bonus just doesn't fit.  Instead of a cap reduction how about a 5% per level boost to MWD speed.  Alternately skip the MWD all together and add a 5% bonus to hybrid optimal.

Rupture-  The ship all other brawling ships aspire to become.  No changes need to be made.

Stabber- I realize a lot of people won't want this ship changed because they use it as a bumping platform, but I think this should be a multi-role ship instead.  Leave the RoF bonus but get rid of the velocity bonus and instead put in a 5% tracking bonus.  Next drop a high slot down to the mids and add a low to bring this ship to 8 mids/lows.  Ideally suited to fighting smaller ships just like the other multi-role cruisers.

Bellicose-  Target painter bonus?  Really?  Lets make this ship useful like the other EW ships and give a 10% bonus to stasis webifier range and remove the RoF bonus.  Toss on an additional mid slot to bring the total to 8 mids/lows and now you have an EW platform you actually want in your gang.

Scythe- Another case of what were they thinking.  Tracking links?  How about we fit the theme of Minmatar of versatility and make this ship fit the role of a real logistics ship.  Dump the mining bonus and we'll leave the tracking as is since some people actually like having the option.  Give the role bonus of -40% CPU to shield and armor transfer modules.  Then put in a 7.5% reduction to capacitor use for shield and armor transfer modules.  Not quite as efficient as other logi's but fully capable of repping for either armor or shield since Minnie's do both.  Make the 500% range apply to both tracking links and the transfer modules.

Each empire has a brawling ship, multi-role ship, logi, and an EW platform.  There are no tier advantages rather each ship has it's own pro's and con's based on what each pilot wants to fly.  No ship should be better than the others hands down, rather each one fills a role and the outcome should be based on piloting.  There we go, my take on how Tech 1 Cruisers should be balanced.  Tune in next time for a look at Tech 2 cruisers.

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